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Seriously Disney can’t do Star Wars and have to be stopped, nobody likes the way it is But I like this Take a shot every time he says golden chainsaw for coolest killGoodbye I'm really glad you did this video I'm really pale and struggle with the right foundation and there's a lot from here I'd love to try on myself That being said, my favorites for you were in your top 6 1) Too Faced- I thought that shade was just a BIT dark but the coverage looked great 2) Morphe- This one seemed a bit light but with your phenomenal looks and powder think it would be wonderful3) Fenty- This seemed a lot warmer toned for you, but overall looked splendid and think it would go wellIm not from LA and don't know the weather and what will work best out there but these were my top 3 Great video! Thanks again for doing this sister! It really helped a lot 😊. Sorryyyyy! Fenty is the best option sister! Your fountain doesn't really matter to me Honestly my foundation sometime doesn't match but Too Faced, Makeup Forever, and Fenty were the best match!❤️💜💙 Fake!! Patty mayo who is the supposed cop in this video isn't really a cop RIP kong!!!!. Kumu hula nude Laughing at the fact we are the same age… you really have worked hard sister Subscribed after watching just this one video It’s almost Christmas 🎄 Reply to me saying whatYou want and I’ll see whatI can do 💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️ Why should she represent the embodiment of dumb blonde We know what Stupidity looks like. When she said 'This is life' It hit me hard 😟😟 Beat saber is my favorite musical/rhythm game Not only is it rhythmic, it’s also a VR game with LIGHT SABERS!! كنا محتاجين هيج اغنية😍😍😍شكرا على هاي الاغنية الرووووعة❤❤ Мне показалось или у Майкла не было гитары?. I’m not tryna hear Envy talk this much, so I’m outta here Kim possible nude sex scene. 8 pairs of shoes were [email protected] This is the funniest video I have ever seen by Jeffree It's all assembled in India not made in India😬 No way you got my taxi right omg I swore to god I’m not lying. No!!!!!!! Jill cheated yes yes yes yes yes America Capital Wsingtan DC President Donalt tramp First time naked stories Do you like hotdogs in your mouth? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Sir I love sneakers but I don’t have the capacity to buy a lot shoes It makes me happy because you’re sharing all of your shoes to us #Lumos IG: kyledvilla Once I was 7 years old mama told me 2 hit your self into the wall
Are they selling charachters for music video ? Beacuse this has nothing to do with world of LoL Pumped up kicks has always been my favorite😎😎. I saw kate and i was like "dang kate you look like you have some pregnancy glows like her skin is popping!" And the they said they were having a baby and i fell out of my chair! I'm so happy for you guys! This entire clan really died Hollywood do change niggas Y’all should’ve stayed in NY What a cunt Conor has to beg for his life but you won't fight Georges at 170?? Im not the kind to comment usually but THANK YOU,i needed thisHope u see this at the right time u needed to hear this. I agree that the whole "Couldn't find a non-muslim cab driver" thing is ridiculousBut grammatically it's not racism Since he couldn't find a *Non-Muslim* cab driver and not a *Non-Arab* cab driver Altough it's still beyond fucked up Hi Agent 47 Will you assassinate huawai p30 pro? After watching spencers video i now know why that jetski was tipped over. Bondage house milan Could you please react to "angra - rebirth (altas horas)" My God, this is so beautiful, this voice is amazing Kisses from Brazil ❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Im my experiense you can order from lush and the packaging is low waste and recyclable and they don't use any plastic I dont have a lush near me either so i've been ordering from them and have no complaints. If Hansen wants to mass bust all the pedos just checkout the dislike list on this vid “That’s one of the seven gates to hell” -Ariana Grande -2018 MY COUSIN JUST TOLD ME THAT THIS CAME OUT IN TEXT AND I YELLED You missed the part where the country that arrested them for being too PI/inappropriate, was the USA, self appointed world capital of free speechIronic that Germans, of all people, would push the envelope on what an artist can do in America _Germans_ Born in the _GDR_ *_In America_*. Melissa lincoln fucked from behind India won the matchPak better luck next time. Chicago stripper directory Back problems related to sexual sin Bhai love you 💗 rona agay dekh kar😖 you struggled too much😭 Amit bhai 13 million subscribers cross wow 😄😄 D rather go naked than wear fur. Does not surprise me that the multiple time millionaire is secretly crazy, or a little loose here and there Does not surprise me, to be on his level you have to be a little loose here and there However, these allegations will ruin his reputation and career and possibly destroy him in this day and age Yeah, in this day and age she just buried him basically Chris Brown 20 Tasha K needs to be careful because you don’t know what these millionaires can do, hopefully he does not send goons Be careful in this business Tasha K Svetlana kuznetsova bikini Whenever I see "try not to laugh" I think of Markiplier Peters, but I don't even know you like to do for fun and I know you have a lot of followers apps, g and I know you are the nicest person ever tap here, g, g and I know you are the nicest person Happy Birthday Felix! You will always be number 1 for us Bros. Don’t got money for all that stuff where not rich like u bro Is it more funny with face cam like for yes dislike for no. Naked film backstage Anyone else wanted her to pick the white purse? 😂😂 She is Right, He won't be a Father just like ALL BLACK MEN ARE FAILED TO BE FATHERS. I identify as memegender and my pronouns are des/pa/cito Kim Lip doing Mark and Doyoung part is so icon What I thought was cool was how many members of the USWNT went to the Thai goalie to give her a pat on the back after the game #dearblocko how come you don't wear clothes in your regular You beautiful man You absolute, fucking handsome man. Girls that don't panic when there is that much rope on them are no fun at all Time to step it up I guess I'll subscribe to you if you subscribe to me please
Black white asian hispanic. 0:37 wtf Proof Indian mans are fucked up Candace goes to say we need unsensored comedy but lets rosanne go on about being salty that her co workers made fun of her being abused as a child 😐😐😐 but the left are the only hypocrites ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT!!? You're a MONSTER James aaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Adore you both 💙💚. "the game is a little Ehuuuheheheheheeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bit bad" Black white asian hispanic. Blackpink combine duA lipa ,, is amazing ,, love love love r😇😍😘 Where did u buy ur microphone arm? ITS EPIC! Edit: Also happy bday. Why is it so hard for people to understand? If a cop pulls over take the ticket and leave If you want to contest it do it in court I was confused does that mean draven will change to be a melee champ?. School needs to be more desirable Schools need to be more interesting and they need to follow the students passions instead of forcing them for the same subjects in the same way at the same time Learning can be so different, while schools only test memorization Schools have developed from factory workers, which were very important for them Not kids Schools ruin kids creativity Schools need to change Gay disco music dvd montreal I moved to the basque country a few years ago and I was shocked at how sickly and deformed a lot of basque people are, I have never seen such a large concentration of disabled people or people with genetic deformities/diseases I learned about the history and it turns out that the basque never mixed and did everything to keep the blood pure and keep their culture as closed off from the rest of the world as they could, they are probably the only people in the world with no African decent so incest was incredibly common many of my basque friends suffer from genetic diseases and carry repeated consecutive surnames in their familyA lot of basque people still carry the idea that having kids with non-basque people is bad and that they want to keep the blood 'pure' If zack being rude just ask him whats goung on and if hes still being rude break up with him nicely and be with drake Real estate in u.s. virgin islands which dating sites are legit. Like am I the only one that thinks the Kardashian kids grow so fast except masion Iphone bondage milf Hey press the button on the other side here it will turn blue :0 👇 I live in Portland OR It's sad but that's reality #2019 When he says do you have your insurance I can litterly read his body language say shit!!! Mf. I well kill you bro are you 😠 im going to bet you up so bad yo mom going to fell it Damn does this dude even come from earth? i am a new visitor to the channel and jennifer must be from marshere are my reasons why:1 He doesn't know what a PINEAPPLE IS2 He Doesn't know what ALOE VERA is3 He doesnt know what SLIME is Heyyy jay SECRET NEIGBOR HS A NEW UPDATE A CHRISTMAS UPDAT GATHER UP THE SCREAM SQUAD MY DUDE (CASSIE,LAUREN,CORY). Teenage virgin girls free best dating apps for hookups Hitting the nail square on the head once again 👍🏻 If you listen closely when the barrier comes in on all the way the song says oh shit. Big guy talking smack about a pregnant woman, I live for the day when he finds out his money is the only thing that makes him special Make a server where people can’t grief and they have to build one giant house to live in together and stuff or just make a kingdom with king/peasants/knights etc
I subed right ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yeah its january ): Love you sister, thanks for inspiring our inner artist 💙💚💛🧡❤️❤️. I want pizza and lasagna and pasta and a burger and a milkshake and cheesy fries and some mcdonalds and more, BUT sister skincare :/ James Charles Morphe palette is my go-to gift for the holiday season Literally everyone of my girls is getting this palette for Christmas (if they haven’t already bought it) This whole month is Christmaslove that Your Christmas videos are my favorite to watch❤️❤️❤️ I’M BROKE ASF SO I REALLY WANT THIS JAMES , help a sister out😘🤯💞😢😍🥰❤️. Porn as a healthy substitute for sex arabic dating rules Welp gotta pay for the damages on the court Vintage bausch lomb spotting scope 100 free christian disabled dating sites. Yooooo today in school this bitchass short guy was being an asshole to me so i said “i will physically fight you and i can throw you out the window” clearly joking and i got in trouble with the worst teacher in the classes for c l e a r l y joking Big boob nice super He made me cry he looks friendly and kind I wish he was my bff and his brave and strong 😢😢💓💔💓💓😚😙😗😍😘 Gonna be honest, that thing with the straw deserved a video dedicated to it. The raw egg section is missing a few applications, if we're not focused solely on UK and US cuisine Team rocket sex clips The first one it says it is wierd and illegal. Can i be in the next youtube rewind 2019 pleeease :3 Who gave yall the right to look this good Oh, i can wait this, but I have children and grandchildren, but i can, this is my achievement: He can wait the video of JZboy I want to do that agree if you want to do that too 💔 If you pause at 37:58 you can see the dude by the remote before that tv turned on just saying It could've been a coincidence IDK. Congratulations odd1sout on winning the Mr beast airsoft challenge Mature ass movs The girl with white hair has different skin tone I shoot trapped cats with pellet gun It doesn't do as well as a 22 but also doesn't damage your traps when the slug comes out the other side. Really this should be called: what happens to your lungs after you smoke 90 joints in one sitting and smoking each one with one inhale and holding in that hit for multiple seconds Terrible experimentation It's even worse because when there walking in theres a missing person sign
I liked subscibed your vids and i love them so much Shaggy used 01% of his power to make godShaggy is a level 10000000 boss Stage iv breast cancer 2006. I agree bumdumb, Tulsi will kick Warren and Bernie will re-enforce his story Gay ipanema Whipped bottom Gays in greenvile sc CHOI SOOBINCHOI YEONJUNCHOI BEOMGYUKANG TAEHYUNHUENING KAITOMORROW BY TOGETHER FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!. 보라색 하트 자제해 주세요 Please control the purple heart Am i the only one who actually wanted to believe kai was wearing some sort of bralette 😳. 'But it's exciting for adults'( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yooo I was just beige watching Korean 7/11 videos yesterday! I’m so glad you came out with one Ive been waiting for you to upload ong ❤️ liked the video before even watching it Hi , love your vids, but there are rules you said 3 of them. Her total points where 84 well I think 🤔 💭 His name is coryxkenshin u know what im sayin You can get the swirly potato’s at Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk California also love you vids so so so so so so soooooo much and I watch you everyday if I’m sad I watch you and you cheer me up Thank you for making these for me and all the other people watching Love you ❤️❤️❤️ WE LOVE YOU HERE IN TEXAS💓💓💓 SENDING LOVE AND BLESSINGS. THis Is F****Inn AweSOmEThis is such a beautiful art story I would rlly want you to perform😍😭🌹💐 It's called perception of depth Anyone who can't tell the difference between a TV and an actual window should just die You don't deserve to even exist on this planet Stand in front of a window Move 1m to the left Do the same in front of a TV If you still think the TV is a window, DIE I can do all 51 My life because it's a joke2 Puberty that's self explanatory3 My 5th grade teacher because she yelled at us for somethings we never did4 I'll just name me, Pineapple on pizza, only get pepperoni and salami toasted on subway, broke my leg, had 2 surgeries, I don't eat peanut butter, likes dead memes, plays fortnite unironically, got my fist tingle to tide pod asmr because I was joking around, wants to play tf2 but doesn't have a monitor, got deeper in undertale than planned and it was a mistake5 It could be worse Please do more jeffy reactions , like to keep this at the top of the comments Hold your head fam from 615 to whatever you from. Plus i know you can see through the blind fold Adult protective services peterborough Naked frat boy picture gallery We love a man that respect women for a reason other than getting girls most dudes say they do because they think it’ll make girls wanna get with them but my guy over here respects women cuz we’re humans and we deserve it 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Im obsessed with harry potter im being a charcharter for halloween. More likes that the actual rewind CONGRATS 22# on trending in Macedonia, should be number 1. For all of you people saying "what about X" The people in here are nice people that had a positive impact on others and a great passion X is just another rapper that some people like, not to forget he beat a pregnant women (no disrespect to him though) Excuse me but is it even humanly possible to stop rewatching the first ten seconds